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Kalamata Greek Cafe
A Tasty Way to Raise Money.

Want to raise money for your school, sports team, school band, church, community or non-profit organization? Schedule your next fundraising activity at Kalamata Greek Café!

When your supporters dine at Kalamata (or carry-out) and present your organization's fundraiser flyer on the scheduled date, 20% of their purchase (pre-tax) will be donated back to the organization.

We provide you with the fundraiser flyer and you are responsible for promoting the event and distributing the flyers. (Flyers cannot be handed out at Kalamata or within the perimeters of its parking area before or on the day of the fundraiser.)

To schedule your next fundraiser, please complete the form below. We'll contact you once we receive your completed application to confirm your fundraising event.

Fundraiser Application PDF

Organization Name:*  
Activity of Organization:* (i.e. School band, soccer team, etc.)  
Organization's Tax ID Number or Tax Exempt Number: (if applicable)  
Check made payable to:*  
Organization's Address:*  
Zip/Postal Code:*  
Mailing Address for Check:
(if different from above)
Zip/Postal Code:  
Contact Name:*  
Daytime Phone:* (i.e. 248-555-3596)  
Evening Phone:*  
Date(s) You Would Like To Hold Your Event (We'll contact you to finalize your date and time)  

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